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2008-06-15: A friend was playing touch football final at Artarmon Oval.  Despite the on-and-off rain, I decided to go and give the new Nikon D3 a good test. I placed the camera on a monopod and operated it with one hand most of the time, while using the other hand to hold the umbrella. 

I stayed for about 2 hours and took photos of two of the three matches my friend played. In order to use shutter speed high enough for the action, I was shooting between ISO 1600-2500, this would not be practically possible with any other cameras I have. At 9 frames per second, the camera was quick enough to catch any action sequence I want.

All the photos were taken with the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO zoom, with 1.4x tele-converter. The lens combination worked extremely well with the D3, focusing was very fast and accurate.

2008-06-08: It is the Queen's Birthday long weekend, I drove to Canberra seeking something different from the rainy weather in Sydney. The Old Bus Depot Sunday Markets is Canberra’s only indoor markets, with stalls selling hand made products, natural organic produce, art and craft. The view at the wide end of the 12-24mm lens is simply amazing.


While I was in Canberra, I re-visited Mount Stromlo Observatory. On January 18, 2003 the devastating Canberra firestorm hit Mount Stromlo and destroyed five telescopes, workshops, seven homes and the heritage listed administration building. The only telescope to escape the fires was the 1868 15-centimetre Farnham telescope.







2008-05-03: I went to Royal National Park with a group of friends. The weather was perfect and we spent 5 hours walking the section of the Coastal Track from Wattamolla to Garie.  The entire Coastal Track will normally take 2 days to complete.




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